Press release

Los Angeles, CA — On January 6, 2021 a planned protest in opposition to the Presidential results evolved into a dangerous insurrection. The United States Capitol building was stormed for the first time since British troops burned Washington D.C. in 1814. The aftermath of this riot left five dead, government property destroyed and a strain on our democracy. Increasingly inflammatory rhetoric in the days leading up to the event was promoted on extremist websites and social media.

This event has left our nation in a state of shock and mourning. As information becomes available, and the identities of those involved in the riot become clear, employers throughout the nation are taking action. The legislation introduced today by Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez directs the Personnel Department in the City of Los Angeles to follow suit.

“City employees, especially sworn personnel, need to be held to the highest standard of conduct,” said Councilwoman Rodriguez. “They must act in accordance with the principles of democracy and the United States Constitution. Any government employee determined to have been involved in this attack is not just a betrayal to our democracy, it’s a rebuke of the privilege of being a public servant.”

Those who participated in the attacks have shaken the heart of our nation’s government with their aggressive, hateful and seditious behavior. The motion introduced today will direct the Personnel Department, all City Departments, the Police Department (LAPD) and Fire Department (LAFD) to conduct investigations into any employee’s involvement in the recent insurrection at the Capitol. They will be required to report to the City Council the plan to investigate, any findings and any disciplinary actions for employee’s offenses. The motion also directs a report on the existing social media policy for employees as it relates to hate speech guidelines and First Amendment rights.

There is no place in our democracy for violent acts in the very building where our freedoms are upheld. The City of Los Angeles must stand in accordance with the principles of democracy and those who have the privilege to work for the City must abide by this stance.


Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez serves as the City’s Chair of Public Safety and represents the 7th Council District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley which include the neighborhoods of Sylmar, Mission Hills, Pacoima, Lake View Terrace, Sunland, Tujunga, North Hills, Shadow Hills, and La Tuna Canyon.