December 4, 2023


Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Leads Legislative Fight to Protect Equestrian Cultural Heritage.

Los Angeles, CA — Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez invites media representatives to a crucial gathering of diverse community members standing together to oppose an ordinance which directly impacts significant equestrian cultural traditions in Los Angeles. Councilwoman Rodriguez and community members will voice support for her amendment to the Rodeo ordinance, aiming to protect historical and cultural activities, especially Charrería, predominantly practiced by Latinos.

The proposed ordinance in its current form unfairly excludes sports like polo and dressage while applying a broad definition of rodeo that adversely affects cultural traditions. Such bias favors affluent equestrian activities and disproportionately impacts communities of color, notably those in the northeast San Fernando Valley. In a decisive stand against a proposed ordinance that threatens to criminalize cherished cultural practices, Councilwoman Rodriguez galvanizes community support, highlighting the importance of maintaining the vibrant legacy of Charrería in the city.

Charrería, Mexico’s national sport and a vital tradition in Mexican and western United States livestock herding communities, stands at risk under this ordinance. Councilwoman Rodriguez’s advocacy focuses on the critical need to preserve a practice that is centuries old, serving as a lifeline for Latino cultural heritage.