November 14, 2023


Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez leads with implementation of citywide Pilot RV-to-Home Program founded in Council District Seven

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, sets a comprehensive citywide strategy for people experiencing recreational vehicular homelessness, and the determination of abandoned vehicles as the entire City Council voted to take the next step to implement the successful program founded in Council District Seven.

The successful Council District 7 RV Pilot Program will be used as a model citywide – In partnership with the City Administrative Officer (CAO), the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Department of Transportation, City Attorney, and other related departments, to implement a vehicle recycling pilot program to service the City of Los Angeles, while providing housing to those living in their vehicles through their participation in the program.

The program, first introduced by Councilwoman Rodriguez in February 2022, operates as a voluntary initiative involving the service provider, West Valley Homes, Yes (WVHY). The program centers on actively engaging with those residing in recreational vehicles, with the aim of formulating a thorough housing plan. The goal being to facilitate their transition into housing and ensure the removal of their vehicles from city streets upon program completion.

Since the start of the program in Council District 7, 94 individuals have been placed into housing, 9 of those into permanent housing and 65 vehicles have been removed from the city streets. The retention rate of 88% demonstrates the service provider’s commitment to working with individuals throughout the entire process, from the initial contact to achieving permanent housing.

The city wide implementation of this program at such a scale will be a remarkable achievement as the city continues to address homelessness.

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