Press release

The Los Angeles City Council today approved a motion directing the Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) to develop a plan to pursue state funds for child care and ensure contracts for services are equitably distributed to underserved communities.

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez’s motion co-presented by Council President Nury Martinez and Councilwoman Nityha Raman and seconded by Councilmember Paul Koretz was approved directing the Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) and the Chief Legislative Analyst to report on state funding for child care. The motion also directs the Department to plan and distribute child care contracts in a manner that will provide equitable access to child care in communities of color.

“The pandemic has shown inequalities in our communities that we must address during the economic recovery,” said Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. “Universal child care is an important tool for recovery as it allows women to return to the workforce to support their families. I want to thank President Biden for his commitment to close that gap, and here in the City of Los Angeles we must have departments prepared to assure those resources are distributed equitably.”

The legislation approved today will ensure we are ready to secure available resources to address the needs of the City’s most disenfranchised communities. One in three families spend over 20 percent of their income on child care, and the cost has outpaced most in-state college tuition. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the child care crisis for working families. The state of California will be making funding available for childcare, and this motion ensures the City is prepared to deploy resources and stand up services once funding is received.

Universal child care is a powerful tool to restore economic security for families and reverse inequitable investment in communities. It is also critical to ensuring that women are able to return to the workforce. The next step in providing access to child care for families across Los Angeles is the reports being heard in Committee and Council at which time the City Council can take action to implement child care solutions heard in the reports.


Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez serves as the City’s Chair of Public Safety and represents the 7th Council District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley which include the neighborhoods of Sylmar, Mission Hills, Pacoima, Lake View Terrace, Sunland, Tujunga, North Hills, Shadow Hills, and La Tuna Canyon.