The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority recently released the results of the annual Homeless Count. Overall, our City saw a 16% increase in homelessness, with large increases among seniors, youth, and victims of domestic violence. Although I am disheartened by the results, I am optimistic about the progress we’ve made here in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

The 7th Council District actually saw a decrease of 28 percent of people experiencing homelessness. While this decrease is significant, there is much more work ahead to ensure that families do not continue to fall into homelessness. In partnership with my CD 7 Homelessness Task Force, I’ve developed a homelessness strategy that addresses this problem holistically — not just with providing homeless housing, but also through developing policy changes to support families from falling into homelessness. I am approaching this issue with every sense of urgency in a way that cares for people in need and protects our communities. Below is a brief overview of the progress we’re making in the 7th Council District:

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